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  • Cloud MMS – Migration,
    Management & Support

    While the cloud provides a reliable and resilient infrastructure, it is highly recommended that you have a support partner in place who can help you if there is a problem. 0-Downtime has created the CloudMMS(Migration, Management, and Support) solution, which will provide an easy and cost effective way to migrate your application to the AWS, Azure or Google cloud and provide the needed support.



Cloudsurance, the DR solution from 0-Downtime, helps you de-risk your physical infrastructure by creating a low cost footprint on the AWS, Azure or Google cloud, that acts as a secondary data center. Our unique DR solution helps deploy distributed application clusters and services into the cloud by augmenting existing data center services and balances data, into and from, the cloud within established recovery point (RPO) and recovery time (RTO) objectives.

The DR environment on the cloud is continuously synchronized, including databases within your data center that you prefer to keep on premise. The solution helps fallback to the on-premise infrastructure, as well as establishes failover between multiple regions for instant database recovery.

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The world of eCommerce is saturated with competition and the bar for user experience has been set very high. If you want to sell online, you need to first make sure that you have an eCommerce website and an Infrastructure that will deliver the proper shopping experience to your visitors.

Elastic Failsafe eCommerce
0-Downtime has designed, deployed, and supported some of the world’s largest store-fronts on the AWS cloud. CloudCommerce by 0-Downtime is a solution designed to take your eCommerce store to the next level by architecting an eCommerce infrastructure that provides:

Speed and Performance

Distributed architecture decouples the critical components of the application and isolates each component’s computing to perform better.
Elastic computing enables vertical scaling for speed and performance by resizing of the processor or memory, at the click of a button, or using scripts
Content Delivery Network is configured to deliver rich media assets from the nearest edge location to improve performance
Cloud Search allows for efficient integration of fully automated search across the entire application


Auto scaling of infrastructure enables horizontal scaling by adding servers on increased loads or traffic, and scaling down to a leaner infrastructure during off-peak loads, dynamically
Elastic Compute allows for vertical scaling by dynamically increasing processor power and memory
Elastic Block Storage allows for scaling the storage dynamically


Virtual Private Cloud isolates the entire infrastructure from unauthorized access
Ability to configure Subnets and Security Groups helps isolate individual components of the application and secures them from other parts of the application and unauthorized external access. This makes it very easy to prevent DDOS attacks, Script and SQL injections, and other potential security risks
Cloud Compliance provides compliance alignments and frameworks to meet published security or compliance requirements for a specific purpose, such as a specific industry or function.


Distribution of infrastructure across multiple availability zones (Multi-AZ) allows for complete redundancy and easy failover
Relational Database Service (RDS) provides redundancy and failover for Databases Cloud Storage services provide redundant storage options


Multiple Availability Zone Configuration – Multi-AZ for high availability across different zones
Autoscaling and Load Balancing with Multiple Servers to increase availability within each zone for both web and application servers
Multi-AZ RDS configuration for high availability of DB Services

Benefits of CloudCommerce
CloudCommerce helps optimize cost by horizontal scaling up/down depending on the demand while not compromising on the highest availability, redundancy, security and performance.

  • Optimal Usage and Cost
    Pay as you go model also helps optimize cost on Compute, Storage and Performance.
  • Management and Maintenance
    Proactive monitoring and 24×7 support for AWS infrastructure by 0-Downtime keeps costs under control and optimizes performance, speed, security and availability.


Scaling of physical infrastructure requires planning and capital expenditure, resulting in a long lead-time for procurement, provisioning and deployment. The cloud provides you infrastructure provisioning at the click of a button and involves zero capital expenditure, enabling your company to grow, when you need it the most.
Hybrid Cloud solution from 0-Downtime
CloudExtend from 0-Downtime can help architect a solution that works in conjunction with your on-premise infrastructure and provides the ability to scale into the cloud, on-demand. The pay as you go pricing model helps pay for additional infrastructure on an as needed basis, keeping the overall total cost of ownership very affordable. Many companies find this solution attractive to help sunset their physical infrastructure, while growing into the cloud.


As a first step in our process, we will work with you to identify servers and applications on your physical infrastructure


Our certified cloud architects will come up with a robust design to find the best way to extend your applications and infrastructure to a secure cloud environment


Our team will then implement your extended hybrid cloud solutions into the public cloud of your choice, be it AWS, Azure or Google Cloud (GCP)


Serving some of the world’s largest companies in Healthcare, Finance, and other highly regulated industries, 0-Downtime has heard a chorus of concerns that “we can’t use AWS because we are in a regulated industry”. As a response to this chorus, 0-Downtime has put together a CloudConform solution, adhering to best practices for cloud deployments in regulated industries.


AWS Compliance from Amazon ensures that robust controls in place at AWS to maintain security and data protection. As you build systems on top of AWS cloud infrastructure, compliance responsibilities will be shared. AWS Compliance provides assurance related to the underlying infrastructure and your organization owns the compliance initiatives related to anything placed on the AWS infrastructure. It is in this part that 0-Downtime will help setup the best practices to ensure that your side of the compliance initiatives are completely taken care of. With CloudConform, 0-Downtime will prepare an AWS infrastructure which is 100% compliant to your industry’s standards and compliance requirements.

CloudConform solutions will take care of the necessary steps involved in integrating AWS into your solutions that are moved to the cloud with the control framework required for meeting the compliance needs. AWS cloud infrastructure has been designed and managed in alignment with regulations, standards, and best-practices.

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