Migrate to Amazon Web Services

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Migrating to Amazon Web Services (AWS) enables organizations to transform the way they do business by empowering them to accelerate their speed of doing business, freeing them from the constraints of on-premises data centers, and providing the flexibility to pay only for what they use. This eBook will detail how cloud adoption can deliver significant business benefits.

A key imperative is the development of a thorough and compelling business case, that clearly identifies the specific business benefits your organization will achieve by moving to the cloud. A robust methodology is also key and we will give an overview of the 5-phase migration process, which serves as a guide to migration, and also learn about six common migration strategies that are used to move applications and workloads to AWS.

Developing a robust business case will also help you begin to see the positive effect that migration will have on your people and organization, and help you gain an understanding of how specific roles and responsibilities for the cloud adoption effort will be assigned.

0-Downtime can be a great partner that can help you accomplish a complex migration process to AWS with ease.

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