Backup and Recovery on AWS

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As businesses grow, so do their need for a reliable way to store mission critical data that comes in a variety of forms. Be it backups of databases, archived files, big data analytics, or a constant stream of data originating from a variety of connected devices or Internet of Things. Cloud storage is the best solution for storing such data. AWS offers a complete range of storage solutions that can serve the different types of data storage requirements, be it for application specific storage needs, or a temporary storage space for processing large volumes of data or a permanent solution for archival of data for compliance needs.

AWS cloud storage solutions offers a selection of object, file, and block storage services on a “pay for what you use” basis, and helps build a reliable, scalable and secure storage alternative than traditional on-premise storage solutions.

0-Downtime brings you this free eBook that provides you the insight into AWS storage solutions that can help design the foundation of your cloud storage as well as help implement a secure and durable backup and recovery solution using the AWS cloud.

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