While the cloud provides a reliable and resilient infrastructure, it is highly recommended that you have a support partner in place who can help you if there is a problem. 0-Downtime has created the CloudMMS(Migration, Management, and Support) solution, which will provide an easy and cost effective way to migrate your application to the AWS cloud and provide the needed support.

CloudMMS by 0-Downtime provides the constant oversight, proactive maintenance and technical support required, with a 24x7x365 operation, backed by a strong SLA. 0-Downtime’s Managed Support Services ensures a 99.99% uptime by making sure that our support team constantly oversees your infrastructure assets on the cloud and ensures that there is always someone available to take care of any disaster situations.

  • SLA Driven
  • 24x7x365
  • Proactive
  • Continuous
  • 99.99%
How does it Work?
  1. Conduct a free audit of your existing application/infrastructure
  2. Migrate application to AWS- FREE OF COST
  3. Configure monitoring tools which will trigger a notification if there is a problem
  4. Provide hotline, ticketing system, and contact details for our 24/7 support team
For businesses that require more comprehensive support on a consistent/monthly basis, 0-Downtime offers support packages which include:
  • Guidance on best practices for the cloud
  • Assessment of applications and recommend code optimizations
  • Periodic review and continuous optimization for cost and performance
  • Design and architecture support
  • 3rd party software support
  • Documentation, white papers, best practice guides
  • Access to cloud evangelists
  • Quick deployment of frequently used configurations
  • Status reports

Service-Level Agreement

Our goal is to make sure we provide our customers the best services possible. Therefore, we offer service level agreements that are tailored to meet your specific needs. When you engage with 0-Downtime, you will have a dedicated team of experts working with you on your project specific needs.

Some key aspects of our SLA include:
  • Access to customer service and technical support – 24x7x365 via phone and e-mail
  • Support provided by Certified AWS Architects
  • Quick response rime
  • Backup scheduling and monitoring
  • Proactive monitoring to prevent downtime
  • Named account managers
  • Uptime guarantee

Emergency Event Management

Every customer’s services are custom designed, specific to their needs. Therefore, you will have access to named contacts in your dedicated team that you will have access to any time of the day. If disaster strikes, this team of named contacts will start working instantly on getting your business back up and running, as soon as possible.

  • 24x7x365 access to a dedicated team of named contacts
  • Instant initiation of disaster recovery measures
  • Hourly status updates