Cloud Strategy and Consulting

Many businesses are already recognizing the benefits of moving to the cloud. However, there is still a certain level of reluctance when it comes to strategizing, planning and realizing the adoption at an enterprise level. The main reason being, the complexities involved in implementation, compared to what is viewed as a long term cost benefit that moves fixed costs into operational costs. The reality, is that cloud offers far more than just cost savings. Cloud also brings long term business benefits by improving processes and operational efficiency while also bringing significant cost benefits. 0-Downtime can work with the stakeholders in assisting them with drawing a roadmap and defining a strategy for cloud adoption and help with this transformation in a seamless manner.

Our Approach:


Detailed assessment of existing solutions and infrastructure


Identify concern areas and transformational challenges


Identify security consideration


Define the right strategy for cloud adoption


Identify the mostappropriate solution tailored to meet the challenges, be it Public, Private or a Hybrid Cloud


Establish Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity


Plan and Execute cloud adoption