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Let the Certified Experts design your architectural diagram on Amazon’s Cloud

0-Downtime has created a one-of-a-kind offering to customers looking to migrate to Amazon’s Cloud. For a low price of $500, you will receive a:

  • Strategy and Recommendations document that addresses all transformation challenges, performance and security concerns
  • Proposed Cloud Architecture for the application and infrastructure
  • Price proposal for Setup and Migration

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You wouldn’t put together a toy castle without instructions. Why would you try that to do that with your infrastructure or application?

Migration is often mistaken for moving existing applications and infrastructure to the cloud, maintaining individual application components the same way they exist. Migration to the cloud needs a radical change in your thought process and out of the box thinking. What is physical infrastructure at the corporate data center, could very well be transformed to the cloud by leveraging one or more services that not only provides efficient performance but also a significant reduction in operational costs.

Top 3 Reasons 0-Downtime is the BEST choice for building your AWS Infrastructure

  • Unmatched Dedication

    0-Downtime’s team is standing by to talk with you RIGHT NOW! We promise to respond to any request within 24 hours because we know your time is important.

  • Best and Brightest

    Every member of the 0-Downtime Support team is AWS certified and many of them have been recognized as some of the best AWS engineers in the industry.

  • Proven Experience

    0-Downtime is the trusted AWS Partner for several Fortune 1000 companies and has proven our expertise with global high-traffic implementations, so you can rest assured you are in good hands.

Spending $500 now, could save you thousands a year from an un-optimized solution.

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We started our collaboration with 0-Downtime by Compunnel in 2011. As one of the top 5 medias companies worldwide, it’s a duty for us to provide the quality and availability of our online services, always with a technology edge over our competitors.  We chose to work with 0-Downtime for our migration because they always had the desire to recommend us the best technical options to save costs, while preserving the quality and the security of data.  

Khakhon Som, E-Business & E-Development Director Asia Pacific,
Elsevier Health Sciences Asia-Pacific