World’s Largest Publisher of Medical and Scientific Literature

Enabling Business Development & Growth with a Global, Multilingual eCommerce Website in the Cloud

The client is the world’s largest largest publisher of medical and scientific literature, with over 30 million scientific and medical customers in 24 countries. The client has a 130-year history, and previously maintained an integrated web eCommerce platform that was tied to distribution and fulfillment.

In the process of aggressively expanding to new regions, the client determined that the existing eCommerce platform needed to be extended. However, the existing platform had several limitations.

World’s Leading Mobile Commerce Platform Provider

Fault tolerant cloud application platform for mobile point-of-sale & AWS managed support

As the world’s leading mobile commerce platform provider, our customer helps merchants get to the market quickly with secure, cost-effective and powerful Mobile Point-of-Sale (mPOS) solutions, regardless of the technology environment.

A Telehealthcare Company

Highly available, fault tolerant cloud solution & AWS managed support

Our customer is a telehealthcare company based in Phoenix, Arizona. The company has over a decade of experience in delivering software solutions for clinical needs, such as telestroke, online urgent care, ED throughput, store and forward referrals, patient discharge, and patient communities.

Online Freelance Service Agency

Amazon Web Services (AWS) managed support

Our customer is an online marketplace that enables buyers of professional services to search for, enter into and manage transactions with providers of professional services, who are usually freelancers. The company gives businesses the ability to find the help they need from a variety of talented freelancers worldwide. The company’s proprietary system leverages performance data to make the freelancer selection process easy and reliable—every time.