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Let the Certified Experts design your architectural diagram on Amazon’s Cloud

0-Downtime has created a one-of-a-kind offering to customers looking to migrate to Amazon’s Cloud. For a low price of $500, you will receive a two hour consultation with AWS Certified Architects, a detailed architectural diagram, and an estimation of operating costs.

Why is it important to work with experts?

  • AWS on-demand pricing means that inefficiencies equal expenses
  • What exists in your current environment, might not even exist on AWS

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We have helped companies save THOUSANDS in operational expenses, every single year, by optimizing their AWS Cloud Solutions.

Migration is often mistaken for moving existing applications and infrastructure to the cloud, but migration to the cloud needs a radical change in your thought process. Physical infrastructure at your corporate data center, could very well be transformed to the cloud by leveraging one or more services that not only provides efficient performance but also a significant reduction in operational costs.

Top 3 Risks of DIY System Architecture

  • Bleeding Money

    One of the most common mistakes by AWS novices, is that they purchase larger servers than actually needed. Although this is wise in a traditional environment, it relates to higher costs in AWS, when you should be considering a less-expensive and auto-scaling solution.

  • Security Concerns

    Amazon Web Services is one of the most secure cloud hosting environments, but it requires people familiar with their security policies, procedures, and technology to ensure your solution is fully protected, and just as important, fully compliant too.

  • Risky Business

    AWS was built to easily expand your infrastructure, which many people mistake for ease in migration. Like everything in life, you MUST have a strong foundation if you want to grow. Thinking your infrastructure is an exception to the rule is a mistake.

Spending $500 now will be the best investment for your business.

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We started our collaboration with 0-Downtime by Compunnel in 2011. As one of the top 5 media companies worldwide, it’s our duty to provide the quality and availability of our online services, always with a technology edge over our competitors.  We chose to work with 0-Downtime for our migration because they always had the desire to recommend us the best technical options to save costs, while preserving the quality and security of data.  

Khakhon Som, E-Business & E-Development Director Asia Pacific,
Elsevier Health Sciences Asia-Pacific