Application Migration

Migration to cloud is often mistaken for moving existing applications and infrastructure to the cloud, maintaining individual application components the same way they exist. Migration to the cloud needs a radical change in your thought process and some out of the box thinking. What is physical infrastructure in the corporate data center, could very well be transformed into the cloud by leveraging one or more services that not only provide more efficient performance but also a significant reduction in operational costs. 0-Downtime can help do a detailed assessment of the solutions you want to migrate and help break them down into smaller isolated components that will work more effectively on the cloud than the physical solution in your data center.

Our Approach:


Detailed assessment of existing solutions and infrastructure


Identify how the solution can be broken down into isolated components


Identify the most appropriate deployment strategy for each individual component


Identify security consideration


Federate components and services back into a complete solution


Provision on the cloud and build autoscaling and failover


Establish Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning


Perform acceptance testing and cut over