About Us

For over 20 years, InfoPro’s application development services have been outfitting businesses of all shapes and sizes with the agility they need to keep up with the relentless demands of an ever-evolving market. From Fortune 500 to smaller companies across the globe, InfoPro continues to be the cost-effective answer to their IT challenges.

InfoPro’s services are designed to maximize business value while ensuring your satisfaction, our tailored engagement options and services not only optimize your cost savings, but also promise supreme flexibility, enhanced business performance, facilitate sustainable growth and maximize your ROI.

As a strategic move in 2010, InfoPro added the Network Infrastructure Design and Cloud Computing Services to its bouquet of offerings. The cloud promised greater flexibility, faster time to market and more effective resource utilization, as well as cost benefits that enabled companies to have greater control over IT spending. In its infancy, these services were sold as an “add-on” to hundreds of existing clients and new clients at InfoPro, but they received such a tremendous response, that InfoPro officially started a brand new company called 0-Downtime, to solely focus on cloud-based services as well as network solutions.

0-Downtime has been building their infrastructure over the course of 5 years to position itself as an Advanced Consulting AWS Partner. Between the AWS Certified Cloud Architects and the tools, policies, and procedures which have been the foundation of InfoPro for over 20 years, you have a winning formula.

As Advanced AWS Partners, 0-Downtime has the know-how and resources to help businesses of all sizes navigate the cloud successfully. Our practical approach incorporates people, process, technology and architecture.

  • Expedite the transition from physical to virtual to cloud
  • Remove common barriers to cloud adoption
  • Improve operational processes
  • Change IT from cost center to business stimulator

Our end-to-end services extend across the various cloud layers – from Business Process as a Service, Software as a Service, and Platform as a Service to Infrastructure as a Service – and include strategy, system integration, engineering, application development and infrastructure. Call us today and help us educate you on how the cloud can be the most valuable investment you will make for your business!