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Lean and Mean AWS support for Start-Ups. $299 per month!

At 0-Downtime, we know what it means to be a start-up. You may be sitting in your parents garage, eating hot pockets, while crossing your fingers that your idea happens to be the “next big thing”. At 0-Downtime, we want to support this dream of yours. In order to do so, we have created a AWS support package just for you.

Our “Lean and Mean” CloudMMS service, designed for Start-ups, and managed by our world-class AWS Architects and Engineers, includes:

  • 24/7 Monitoring of your web application
  • Established SLA for guaranteed response times and resolution
  • Zero-fluff support means that we can keep the cost as low as possible

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Even though you’re small, you NEED managed support for your AWS application.

We will ensure that you don’t “break the bank” on paying for AWS managed support, but also make sure that you get the very best and brightest AWS engineers working on your applicaiton.

Top 3 Reasons 0-Downtime is the BEST choice for your AWS application

  • 24/7 Managed Support

    0-Downtime’s 24/7 support team will ensure that your AWS infrastructure is operating properly every hour of the day & every day of the week with rapid response time and resolution.

  • Best and Brightest

    Every member of the 0-Downtime Support team is AWS certified and many of them have been recognized as some of the best AWS engineers in the industry.

  • Proven Experience

    Your business might not by on the NYSE yet, but 0-Downtime is the trusted support team for several Fortune 1000 companies and has proven our expertise with global high-traffic implementations, so you can rest assured you are in good hands.

Find out if your start-up qualifies for our “Lean and Mean” Cloud MMS program. Email us a short note about your company and we will get in touch immediately.

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We started our collaboration with 0-Downtime by Compunnel in 2011. As one of the top 5 medias companies worldwide, it’s a duty for us to provide the quality and availability of our online services, always with a technology edge over our competitors. 0-Downtime by Compunnel has perfectly addressed our high requirements, from the recommendations, the infrastructure design, the migration from Rackspace to AWS, the deployment of new AWS instances (VPN/VPC, CloudFront, Auto-Scaling, etc.) to the daily monitoring to support the growth of the traffic and keep our e-solutions scalable. One of the key factors for us is the cost saving: 0-Downtime by Compunnel always had the desire to recommend us the best technical options to save costs, preserving the quality and the security of data.

Khakhon Som, E-Business & E-Development Director Asia Pacific,
Elsevier Health Sciences Asia-Pacific